Hosting a great SoCal IT Pro meeting. To

April 13, 2012

Hosting a great SoCal IT Pro meeting. Topics are Microsoft Hyper-v on Windows 8 server and also Outage Management.


Some interesting stats were released fro

January 9, 2012

Some interesting stats were released from Nielsen today on TV, Mobile Phones, Broadband and more. We definitely live in a technology age.
• Americans own 290 million TV’s
• 211 million Americans are online
• 143 million are watching TV on the internet
• Mobile phones (ages 13+) 232 million users
• Broadband with paid TV access 85.9 million users
• 162 million users own a video game console
• 111 million watch “time-shifted” TV via DVR
• 30 million are watching TV using their cellphones

Don’t miss Comdex Virtual 2011.

November 15, 2011

Don’t miss Comdex Virtual 2011. It’s online today and tomorrow. I attended Comdex for 24 years before it closed in 2004. A great event. If it hadn’t closed, this would be my 31st annual Comdex. View it online at

What To Do if Your Ebook Reader is Lost or Stolen

October 21, 2011

If your Nook or Nook Color device goes missing, you’ll need to call customer service at 1-800-843-2665 or de-register your Nook at The company says that you are liable for all purchases made until you de-register the device. You should also change your login credentials immediately.

One of the benefits of a Nook ereader is that all side-loaded content (i.e. all of the potentially sensitive documents you uploaded to your Nook yourself) will be safe as soon as you de-register the device. However, you will not be able to retrieve those documents.

Should you decide to replace your ereader, you will be able to redownload all of your content once you sync your new device with your account.

Presenting Social Media in partnership with Constant Contact at the Mission Viejo Microsoft Store today.

September 20, 2011

Attending ‘ build windows’. Great Windows 8 information.

September 17, 2011

Presenting today to non-profits

September 8, 2011